Monday, August 31, 2009


I have a left a friend and beautiful country for another just north. It is still chilly, windy, and cloudy, and there are still friendly faces about, warm with the promise of life-long friendship. This morning I woke up at 4:15, gathered my things, and drove to the airport with Becky and her father. I waited in the EasyJet que (line), sleepy-eyed and tail very much still in a restful state (as opposed to bright-eyed and bushy-tailed). After checking in, I boarded the plane and thought; I thought some about how quickly life changes, and I also thought about my gratefulness that there was a Starbucks after the security checkpoint (four shot espresso with an inch of soya for the sleepy American, please). As we rose above the clouds, I was much appreciative for the sunny day that awaited me. I could bask in the sun through the airplane window for the time being, before we descended and I was once again blanketed by clouds; clouds that provide wonderful, rainy, contemplative days, but clouds nonetheless. I landed, gathered my luggage with no hitch, walked outside, and 30 seconds later Tim (YWAM staffer) was there to pick me up. Seamless pick-up in an international airport, thank you Lord. We drove only 10 minutes back to the base, and we pulled up to a large stone house-the Stanely House, my new home.

Gorgeous! I was greeted by some of the staff and interns, and was given a house tour by my new friend Danielle. I love it! It is so great-so beautiful. I am in the staff wing, and I share the hall with two lovely people named Theo and Tim. And surprise! I have my own little room! It is really adorable. I was told that, since I am living here for two years, I can paint it and decorate it how I wish. Very exciting! I am hoping I can bike into Paisley and possibly Glasgow to some thrift stores there and find some sweet vintage decorations, something to make it look it more like my home, my own precious little hovel. ;)

My room

My precious desk (complete with glasses collection) ;)

Yay! I am so excited to be here... at last!

I have the rest of the week to settle in and get used to being here, getting to know people and getting to know the base. There are a few activities and outreaches I can plug into if I like. The DTS is here now, but they are leaving next week to go sailing. That will be a glance at what the base looks like normally, with not a lot going on. I am excited for this time to take initiative to figure out what I wish to be involved in! There is one other intern here already, and there is another that arrives in two weeks. When we are all here, I will get more of an outline of what we will be doing. I am excited! (I feel as if I cannot say that enough!) With it being cold here, and with the upcoming winter and the few hours of daylight that we will have, it will be easy to want to stay inside and become unmotivated, so I will be praying against that! Especially as I can feel the chill starting to creep into my socks AND slippers and through my sweater, I will need motivation more than ever to keep moving, and keep available and open to what God wants me to do. I want to have an open ear and open heart to what He wants to do in and through me, and how that can be lived out here on the base and in the community. I will try my best to be disciplined and keep you lovely people updated! It will depend on the day, I'm sure; some days I cannot say enough, some there are no words. Thank you all for your support! Until next time...


Elise said...

Your room looks lovely my dear!
I can not wait to see what it looks like when you decorate it. How exciting is this? Getting to go to a new place and start fresh... how wonderful. : ] I love you and i miss you!

Felix Hobbs said...

Hey, I like you're blog. Have fun in Scotland! Glasgow is really nice this time of year. (atmospheric anyway) x

Michael said...

The pictures look great. And, like I mentioned earlier, I am very jealous.
God bless!

Gayle said...

Thanks for keeping us updated . I love your pics and your words. You make me smile. Love.

lauren carney said...

oh your blog is lubbly jubbly!
i enjoy the happy snaps and fancy finds immensely.
thanks for the inspiration!
you're wonderful x x