Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cranberry Pomegranate Green Tea, and another day off...

The bleak, cloud-filled sky is showing no signs of leaving any time soon, and I am quite alright with that. In fact, I prefer that right now. What better excuse to sleep in on your day off, and have a morning/noon filled with nothing but hot tea, a late breakfast (eggs and fruit-yummy), and updating the world on my life in the Midwest.
Sunday after church we had a baptism and potluck. On the land right outside the church we filled a huge feeding trough with water, and used it for the baptism. One of my friends that I have grown up with got baptized, rededicating his outward commitment to live for Christ. There were also a few kids that got baptized, but instead of our pastor baptizing them, their fathers did. It brought me back to when I was a small girl of 5 or 6 years old, getting baptized by my dad at a campground pool in the country. It was neat to think about these fathers-they are several years older than I, but not by many. They have taught their kids what it is to become a Christian, and what it means to make that public declaration. In a world when the meaning of family is deteriorating, parenting is getting your kids to the nanny on time, and children are considered more of a burden than a blessing from God, it was very encouraging to see parents who have taught their what the Christian life is and how it is lived out.
This past week I have noticed more and more how much our God is into beauty. Creation all around us screams of His creativity: a rich pink and orange sun rise that fades into layers, like a poured drink; the seeds of a dandelion blown about into miniature tornados; the laughter of close friends enjoying each other's company. Each of these are things that are not absolutely necessary for life, but God created them for our pleasure. It is His gift to us, evidence of His intense love for His children. More incredible every time I think about it.
This Tuesday is almost my -I have had my three days off, and tomorrow it is back to work, bright and early. I get to enjoy yet another breath taking sunrise, meet new faces, and enjoy my friends. It will be a good day.

"This is Love when I give my heart to everyone but you,
This is Love when I have turned my back away from you,
This is Love when I have left you for the selfish things I do,
This is Love that you would still love me,
In spite of me."
-The Autumn Film

Monday, April 20, 2009

You Spin Me Right Round...

Driving to Kansas City with my amazing friends for a Royals vs. Yankees game...GO YANKEES!!!

Derek Jeter up to bat
They won the game 6 to 1. ;)

Springtime! Goodness life changes fast-I feel like I can never say that enough. My last post was November; to those who actually read this blog, I am sincerely sorry. Here is a brief run down of what has happened the past few months...
-I finished the school I was attending in Maui, the School of Biblical Foundations and Missions. I learned an incredible amount of information during that time; not just facts, but truths that shape my thoughts, who I am, and the way that I think. I never realized before how much the cultures that we live in shape and mold us to be a direct product of that culture. During that time I studied different religions, such as Islam, Hinduism, Secular Humanism, Buddism, Marxism, and New Age. I learned about the nature of Truth, Cross-cultural communication, and many other topics, most of which blew my mind! It will never cease to amaze me that the more you learn, the less you realize you actually know. The smartest men are the ones that realize that they know nothing. Incredible ;)
-After SBFM was finished, I returned home to the rolling hills of the Ozarks, otherwise know as the great Springfield, MO. However, the only ones that were aware of this return home were my sister, her husband, and myself. I had omitted that little detail when I spoke to my parents and friends back home. SURPRISE! ;)
I have been living at home since I returned in mid-December. I am currently working as a shift manager at a wonderful little coffee shop called Fog City Coffee. I have always wanted to be a barista, so this little opportunity works out wonderfully! I am planning on starting an internship this coming September in Paisley, Scotland at their YWAM base. The internship is called Pereginati Way, which means to set out from home without agenda. I have no agenda of my own, only what God wants to do in and through me. During this internship I will be in staff training, leadership training, and be working in the base and around that community of Paisley. I will have chances to pioneer ministries according to my giftings, and I will be able to plug into ministries that are already going on at the base. There will also be opportunities to travel to Romania and possibly to Africa to work with the people there. I am very excited to see what God has for me during that season of my life!
As excited as I am to move to Scotland, I am also really blessed and content living here in Springfield at this time. I have learned so much and been changed so much this past year, and this time is amazing for soaking in what God has done in me and being open and ready for what else he wants to teach me about His character and nature, as well as about myself.
I will be sure to keep everyone updated on what my life looks like, and what crazy things God is showing me. Have a grand spring day!